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Bernard Allison

Bernard Allison

Born into the Blues

Born in Chicago on November 26th, 1965 the youngest of nine children Bernard Allison was first introduced to the roots of black music and the art of the electric guitar by his father, the late great Luther Allison. Bernard Allison made his first appearance on record at age 13, when he played on a live LP his father recorded in Peoria, IL. Soon after graduating from High School, he began a three-year guitar apprenticeship in Koko Taylor's high-flying Blues Machine. Bernard Allison also played in the late Willie Dixon's Blues All-Stars and performed with Luther Allison at the 1983 Blues Festival - one of the event's highlights. Along the way, Bernard Allison picked up slide guitar tips from Johnny Winter and in the 80's also learned from the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. With those experiences under his belt, Bernard Allison moved to Paris in 1989 to live and play the blues with his father. Bernard Allison joined the tourband of Luther Allison after a furious collaboration of "Father & Son" at the '89 Chicago Blues Festival. In 1999, two years after Luther Allison passed away, Bernard Allison decided to move back to the States to go back to his roots and push his career in his native country. Bernard Allison seems to have inherited Luther Allison's knack for igniting audiences, but he's no clone of his famous father. Bernard Allison is definitely blazing his own path with a style that reflects a unique mix of traditional and modern influences.

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