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Pink Anderson (1900-1974)

Pink Anderson

Photo by Kip Lornell

Medicine Show Man

Pink Anderson (February 12, 1900–October 12, 1974) was a blues singer and guitarist, born in Laurens, South Carolina. After being raised in Spartanburg (in upstate South Carolina), he joined Dr. Kerr of the Indian Remedy Company in 1914 to entertain the crowds (sing, dance, in the early days) while Kerr tried to sell a concoction purported to have medicinal qualities. In 1916, in Spartanburg, Pink Anderson met Simmie Dooley, from whom Pink learned to be a blues singer. When Pink Anderson was not travelling with Dr. Kerr, he and Simmie Dooley would play small gatherings in Spartanburg and neighboring communities. After Dr. Kerr retired in 1945, Pink Anderson stayed pretty much close to home in Spartanburg, keeping his musical talents in tune with a small guitar and harmonica. Heart problems forced Pink Anderson to retire in 1957. Pink Anderson's son, known as Little Pink Anderson is currently a bluesman in Georgia. Pink Anderson recorded some songs in the 1960s and appeared in the 1963 film The Bluesmen. Roger 'Syd' Barrett derived the name Pink Floyd juxtapositioning the first names of Pink Anderson and Floyd Council he had read about in a sleevenote by Paul Oliver for a 1962 Blind Boy Fuller LP (Philips BBL-7512): "Curley Weaver and Fred McMullen, (...) Pink Anderson or Floyd Council -- these were a few amongst the many blues singers that were to be heard in the rolling hills of the Piedmont, or meandering with the streams through the wooded valleys." (quoted from

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