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Carl Wyatt

Carl Wyatt

Irish Blues Rocker

Carl Wyatt was born in Galway, Connemara, Ireland. Carl Wyatt has many years of playing the blues to his credit. Having grown up in a blues/jazz and gospel environment, it was natural for Carl Wyatt to pick up playing the blues one day. Although his main influences are artists such as Lightnin' Slim, Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, Carl Wyatt developed his own style over the years. His love for delta blues made him study slide guitar, for which he is best known. Carl Wyatt's powerful live performances are a blend of Texas, Chicago and Acoustic blues. He has played and toured with artists such as Archie Lee Hooker, Big Bo McGee, Little Whitt Wells, T.W. Henderson, Sharon Lewis, Tino Gonzales... Carl Wyatt recorded with all of the above mentioned artists, lived and jammed with the Godfather of the Blues John Lee Hooker and has been profiled on radio and TV stations on both sides of the Atlantic. Carl Wyatt's many concert and festival performances led him through countries such as England, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, France, Northern Ireland, Denmark and the USA.

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